Grace Darling Gold (Shuggy Boat Blonde SPECIAL)

ABV 5 % OG 1050

A stronger version of our refreshing, blonde  beer made with Challenger, Bramling Cross and Cascade English hops. Smooth, hoppy and very fresh. We brewed this as a one off special but it was so popular (and became permanent at the Pub and Kitchen North Shields) that we ended up keeping it as a permanent offer.
We’ve found having two beers with similar names has caused some confusion so have decided to re-name this beer GRACE DARLING GOLD, after the famous English lighthouse keeper’s daughter, lauded for her part in the rescue of survivors from the shipwrecked Forfarshire in 1838, off the Farne Islands in Northumberland. Read all about her story and the museum celebrating her life on the RNLI website.

What is a shuggy boat?

Tasting Notes


Grace Darling Gold (Shuggy Boat Blonde SPECIAL)