#23 Ernest SIBA WINNER

ABV 4.8%

Ernest has picked up a Bronze award at the SIBA regional competition 2017, premium beer category. According to Charles Faram hop merchants the Ernest hop has clear “New World” characteristics “producing a complex flavour with predominantly fruity notes, especially apricot, citrus and spice.”

They go on to explain that Ernest is named after its breeder, Prof Ernest Salmon. ” It was selected at Wye College, Kent as a seedling in 1923 from seed collected in 1921 and was in production on farm trials in 1957 and 1958. It was used in brewing trials conducted by the Institute of Brewing in 1959 but it was considered to be a poor substitute for the control variety, Fuggle, due to its “strong, coarse, American aroma”.

It remained only in the variety collection,  but has recently been made available commercially, as tastes have changed towards more ‘new world’ hop styles.

#23 Ernest SIBA WINNER


ERNEST SIBA award 2017