FitzRoy is here! On draft and in bottles

Our Shipping Forecast special is now #19 FitzRoy Oat and Rye Pale 3.8%  – limited edition bottle release and on draft too.

Fruity pale ale, generously hopped with Jester and Epic, giving a tropical fruits and grapefruit aroma with a dry finish, and a smooth mouthfeel from the addition of oats.

According to Wikipedia, “Vice-Admiral Robert FitzRoy FRS (5 July 1805 – 30 April 1865) was an English officer of the Royal Navy and a scientist. He achieved lasting fame as the captain of HMS Beagle during Charles Darwin’s famous voyage, FitzRoy’s second expedition to Tierra del Fuego and the Southern Cone.

FitzRoy was a pioneering meteorologist who made accurate daily weather predictions, which he called by a new name of his own invention: “forecasts”. In 1854 he established what would later be called the Met Office, and created systems to get weather information to sailors and fishermen for their safety. ”

Why the capital R?

Robert was a fourth great-grandson of Charles II of England, and this is why his name is written with a capital R in the middle of it, meaning ‘Son of King’

There is a fantastic BBC programme about Robert FitzRoy on iplayer – well worth watching, the story is extraordinary.

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