Fortified Ales

The Fortified Series harks back to an old way of producing beer, which was popular in the 18th Century. A very strong beer (a stock ale, typically 6-8%) was brewed first and allowed to mature for several months and then used to blend with weaker, newly brewed beer. This creates a mid strength beer which benefits from the old ale flavours which can only be achieved in a high gravity, warm fermentation, AND the fresh hoppy aromas delivered by the newly brewed, weaker beer.
We have a  SIBA Gold award winning ‘stock ale’ ABV 7.3% called Fortification, and we blend this with different beers to produce a fortified version, for example Fortified Shuggy Boat Blonde, a new beast, bursting with flavour! If you’re lucky you’ll be able to taste the fortified beer alongside the regular beer AND Fortification itself – mummy, daddy, and baby beer, as it were.

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