GRADE A student in the house!

Bill was studying hard throughout last year towards the first year examinations of a Diploma in Brewing. The course is run by the world renown Institute of Brewing and Distilling in London, and is a stepping stone on the road to becoming a Master Brewer, the highest brewing qualification out there.

He met brewers from all  over the UK and the world, learning the finer details of malt and wort in the brewing process – think advanced chemistry and biology with engineering thrown in!
The IBD says about the qualification ” The Diploma in Brewing examination is a measure of the candidate’s theoretical knowledge of brewing science and technology. The objective of the Diploma in Brewing is to give international recognition of comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the principles of brewing science and technology.”

So, after lots of heavyweight reading and studying, lectures, online tutorials, podcasts while out on delivery, weeks of revision then a scary exam  – and he goes and gets an A!

Part two of the course starts in January – the wonder of YEAST, and definitely one of Bill’s favourite subjects (his other pre-occupation is his sourdough production – it tastes amazing and we haven’t bought any bread at home in 3 months).

Congratulations Bill!


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