Shipping Forecast Ales

This series of beers is a tribute to one of the Uk’s best loved institutions, The Shipping Forecast. We’re creating some new beers focusing on the terrific variety of malts and hops available, (and in some cases yeasts too)  and the different characteristics they bring to the beer.

You probably know that malted barley is the source of the sugars which are fermented into beer. The malting process allows the grain partially to germinate, releasing various sugars and then the maltster (Thomas Fawcetts of Castleford, Yorkshire in our case) dries the malt at various stages of germination, to halt the process. The barley is kilned to varying degrees, drying it out completely, and giving different flavours, from caramel to biscuit to roast coffee. We’re exploring the world of malt with this series of beers, which are 4.1% ABV. With names derived from the Shipping Forecast, we’re sailing around the UK coast, brewing everything from rye ale to saison, and brown ale to weiss beer.

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