#13 Dover

ABV 4.1%

Single hopped East Kent Goldings pale ale ABV 4.1%.

This beer showcases one of our favourite hops, quintessentially British, and only grown in a small part of Kent, near the coast. It lends floral, slightly spicy, honey and earthy flavours to the beer with very smooth bittering characteristics.

British Hops say of it’s history “East Kent Goldings was developed from the Canterbury Whitebine variety in the late 1700’s. Canterbury is a town in Kent, England. Goldings consists of several clonal variants known by the name of either the original grower or their village. It has been sold as East Kent Goldings since 1838. It is grown exclusively in East Kent by a handful of growers. It is a tall hop with loose low yielding cones and is susceptible to downy and powdery mildews and wilt.”

So there you are! Enjoy this very English of beers!

#13 Dover