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How to order…

Trade orders: Please ring 07895 692881 (Bill) to place an  order, or send it by text, or email  If you can’t get through, try Anna on 07837 637615.. If you leave a voicemail message we’ll get back to you to confirm the order.  If you have trouble with the mobile you can Direct Message us if we follow each other on Twitter

Most orders on Tyneside can be delivered within 48 hours, sometimes sooner. Further afield, it will depend on when we have a delivery round, but it’s rarely more than a few days. We supply Flying Firkin wholesalers. We are a member of the SIBA Beerflex Scheme for direct ordering through their member pubs and pub companies. We are on Trade Simple for ordering by Stonegate/ The Beer Company pubs in our area.

You can buy bottle conditioned beers at  Boda Home 74 Whitley Road, Whitley Bay and at Fenwick in Newcastle. Also Centrale in Newcastle Central Station. We don’t sell to supermarkets, in spite of repeated requests, as they won’t pay enough to make any margin at all! The beers are hand bottled and labelled, matured for several weeks to enable secondary fermentation in the bottle  – this ensures a lovely creamy head when poured – no filtering and fizzing with CO2 here! It also achieves a much deeper character and flavour, and a natural, soft carbonation, unlike 90% of of ordinary bottled beers, which have forced carbonation producing a sterile, rather than a living, product.

Because our beer is an artisan, small batch product, we can only supply a few outlets, the range varies, but we do try hard to keep up with demand. If you can’t get it you’ll just have to go to the pub! We do produce 5 litre ‘party kegs’ ( also keg conditioned with live yeast) at Christmas, on sale at Boda and Fenwick by end of November each year.

bottled beer from Cullercoats Brewerybottled beer from Cullercoats Brewery